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Cautious Style Costing Brazilian Football | Tim Vickery

Cautious Style Costing Brazilian Football Tim Vickery
Tim Vickery’s Summaries From South America: Thoughtful Smartness Valuation Brazilian Soccer

Over-cautious soccer that goes to regularly Brazilian national soccer has produced undesirable consequences football.

Some victories are value much more than the opinions at stake.  There games that position out for motives outside the outcome – and one such could be Sunday’s smash in the Brazilian Championship, where Flamengo sailed to a 3-0 success over Palmeiras.

It’s important in positions of league enlisting. Forthcoming the halfway phase, it acquired Flamengo to the topmost of the table and referred Palmeiras dropping down to 5th. But it was much more than that. It was the gathering of Brazil’s wealthy big two; Flamengo with their colossal nationwide provision, and Palmeiras with a rich promoter plus a big fan base inspired by the club’s outstanding new ground. But it also came through as a bang of the new vs. the old, with a qualified success for the former.

Leading champs Palmeiras are trained – for now – by Luiz Felipe Scolari. The number of titles on his CV is enough to highpoint his capability. But it is tough to reject that he is descriptive of low risk, counter-attack and set-pieces ideal of play that has occupied a power on the Brazilian domestic game in recent times – and which has not been to its advantage.

The latest year, one by one, the Brazilian clubs were excluded from the Copa Libertadores as the importance of an over-cautious method. Even with an economical improvement over their mainland competitors, they would drop deep, shelter up and bide their period. It’s a considerate model of play, and it has occupied too far.

This year there has been a charming response, part of which is the choice of Flamengo to hire Portuguese trainer Jorge Jesus. He paced in after the Copa America with a positive style of play. His team seeks to protect high, aggressive the halfway line relatively than receding to their private consequence area and flinging numbers frontward to carry out liquid mixtures close to the opposite goal.

For a spirited few minutes, Palmeiras were not able to near them down, and we’re well on the way to a defeat.

It could be thriving that Brazilian sides have elapsed how to protect against matching strikers. A quarter of a century before almost everybody in Brazil played 4-4-2. The protective reaction, given the vast planetary deceitful in front of the distrustful line, was efficiently to play a couple of center-backs in front of the center-backs. These days, with the massive common of squads fielding a lone striker, that has gone out of approach.  Palmeiras could not cope with the variability of Bruno Henrique and Gabriel, and their link-ups with aggressive midfielders Giorgian De Arrascaeta and Everton Ribeiro. The game, payable as a crash among two title leaders, was not remotely close.

True, this is a decent time to face Palmeiras. Their helms have come off. They went into the silence for Copa America as the league leaders. Since the disruption, their league form has been that of a demotion applicant.  And they have been bashed out of the international cup and – a huge blow – most recent Wednesday they unsuccessful in making the semi-finals of the Libertadores. Morale is low, and Scolari may struggle to hold on to his job.

But Sunday touched more than a routine victory over an out of kinds challenger. It came across as a victory for the new proactive wish, as a proposal for a new bold methodology. There is much the same from the adjacent who trace Flamengo on goal change – Santos, skilled by the former Argentine national squad boss Jorge Sampaoli.

Where Jorge Jesus has tons of money to devote and has used to it build a formidable team, Sampaoli is working on a comparative shoestring, and his show so far in the Brazilian Championship is at least as inspiring.


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